Balvia Ecosystems

Promoting health and quality of life through technology.


Balvia’s primary focus is promoting independence, positive health outcomes, and medication management for patients. By enabling patients to autonomously and safely manage their medication, Balvia aims to increase confidence, reduce errors, and lower medical costs. Additionally, caregivers benefit from real-time information, remote access, and data control, alleviating stress, anxiety, and guilt. Balvia Ecosystems offers affordable, safe, and efficient medication management tools.

The initial Balvia ecosystem, currently in development, integrates a pill dispenser, a mobile application, a smartwatch application, an intelligent cloud system, and a service. This comprehensive ecosystem facilitates medication management, connects patients with caregivers (both formal and informal), enables data access and control, and enhances the efficiency of domiciliary supportive services.

The pill dispenser is undergoing improvements and testing, with plans to commence public sales by 2024/2025. As a startup, Balvia is dedicated to innovation and translating it into societal benefits. The company aspires to contribute to the United Nations’ sustainable goals, address the global public health issue of medication non-adherence in the elderly, and improve their health and well-being. Furthermore, Balvia recognizes the importance of resource conservation and aims to enhance the overall efficiency of the service process, thus creating a more sustainable society.

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