Fundación Rei Afonso Henriques

The Rei Afonso Henriques Foundation is an entity dedicated to socio-economic and cultural cooperation with Portugal.


Fundación Rei Afonso Henriques Hispano-Portuguese is a Private Institution with Public Participation, based in Spain and Portugal.

It was recognised in Portugal as a Collective Fund of Public Utility through the Office of the Prime Minister published in the Diario de la República; 2nd series nº 29 of the 4th of February 1999.

-Improve cooperation
-Channelling economic and cultural initiatives
-Encourage meetings and exchanges

It intends to contribute to the formation of the Douro Valley as an axis of cultural, historical and patrimonial synergy and to the economic, social and cultural well-being of the lands and people of the Douro Valley and to retain its population, especially the younger ones.

Contact info
  • Avenida del Nazareno de San Frontis, s/n, 49027 Zamora
  • José Luis González Prada
  • dirgral@frah.es
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